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Blended learning unstoppable on the road to success

Blended learning unstoppable on the road to success

For many years, the teaching methods of blended learning and flipped classroom have been discussed, researched and applied. Due to a lack of suitable technologies, only a few teachers and lecturers have implemented innovative didactic concepts. This is changing fundamentally with modern educational technology. We would like to summarise the most important trends of how EdTech today enables blended learning and guarantees the successful implementation of learning designs.

Easy access

All modern learning management systems and learning applications are cloud-based and designed to work on all operating systems and devices. User authentication has become much easier thanks to the link to a Google or Microsoft account.

Online learning

Today, all learners have internet access, whether at home or via their smartphones. Online learning is no longer associated with sitting in a computer room. It can happen anywhere, anytime - at individual learning pace.


In the "old world" of learning management systems, many learning designs had to be configured manually or still required a lot of manual work. Modern tools have a predefined set of workflow automations that guide the user along learning paths.

Multimedia content

Videos, animated presentations or podcasts facilitate efficient production and cost-effective distribution and scaling of content. The general trend is to move away from static reading material and create interactions much earlier with automated feedback loops so that teachers and coaches can respond to individual low student activity.

Interaction and collaboration tools

Forget email and follow the evolution of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Goole Meet and other market-dominating software tools designed for rapid and personalised interaction and collaboration. Interaction and collaboration is now possible in real time without the need for a permanent physical presence in a classroom.

Jointly designed learning experiences

Successful learning designs naturally have a high degree of early student involvement. The more learners can participate, the more likely they are to co-create learning experiences and feel empowered and valued to make substantive contributions rather than merely consume learning content.

The new era of blended learning

The above trends have tremendous power to help make education have a lasting impact. For teachers, lecturers or coaches, much more can be achieved with the use of modern educational technology. MaxBrain promotes an open ecosystem and is suited to provide a perfect learning experience for a variety of learning contexts with a strong mobile learning component. MaxBrain's clients offer world-class educational programmes with a strong focus on high interaction between participants and lecturers. Equipped with a simple, adaptable and powerful tool, they offer unique modern learning experiences. Face-to-face teaching remains elementary as a didactic building block, but the time before, during and after classes can and must be used much more effectively.

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