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Strong partnerships are essential to stay innovative and grow sustainably. The easy integration of technologies and cooperation with modern solution providers is one of the strengths of the MaxBrain platform.

Partners: More innovation and business success for our customers

Technology and solution partners help our customers stay innovative. Our partners help us redefine the way professionals learn in a world of change and transformation and how businesses become more successful with our learning platform. MaxBrain's business customers and MaxBrain itself are therefore always happy to work with powerful technology and solution providers.
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Partners & Integrations (excerpt)

Logo Taskbase

Taskbase provides an artificial intelligence-powered system that helps learners learn better and faster through real-time feedback.


Taskbase offers learners on the MaxBrain platform a valuable opportunity to directly check and optimize their learning progress.

Classtime is a web-based solution for the classroom that enables teachers to digitally supplement their lessons and track learners' progress at any time.

Logo GetMoreBrain

GetMoreBrain digitizes learning content via so-called "bitmarks". - Bitmarks are elementary parts of learning content that are centrally managed, supplemented or corrected. The huge advantage: Instead of adapting teaching materials or manuals individually, bitmarks can be updated centrally and in seconds via all documents linked to them. This saves our customers an enormous amount of time.

Microsoft Office 365 is integrated into MaxBrain as standard. This allows instructors and participants to create documents, communicate and collaborate easily at any time.

Logo Welante Course Manager

The welante seminar and course management software is a flexible and powerful cloud solution for the comprehensive management of seminars, courses, training courses and events. The interface (REST API) to MaxBrain automates processes, ensures perfect data quality and saves you a lot of routine administrative work.
Logo Netgen

Netgen is a user experience and web development agency. Complex websites, e-commerce application development and creative design work are among Netgen's core competencies. MaxBrain has been working with Netgen for many years to make clients more successful.

With SurveyMonkey you can easily create surveys, quizzes and opinion polls for course participants. For MaxBrain customers, this means that you can organise surveys at any time, which you can use to optimise your training and teaching courses.

With the integration of TalkJS, MaxBrain users can chat with each other quickly and conveniently and exchange information about courses. All directly in the learning platform.

Tocco is the Swiss industry solution for education, training, associations, relief organisations and social institutions. Tocco AG is an independent software company founded in 2002 and operating in Switzerland. It develops and operates internet-based, modularised ERP software for applications between organisations and their customers, suppliers and employees.

Slack is a web-based instant messaging service for communication within work groups. Like MaxBrain, Slack is an open platform that offers many different ways to simplify and speed up communication.

Logo Zoom | MaxBrain

Zoom leads the market in modern enterprise video communications due to a hassle-free, reliable platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars on mobile devices, desktops, phones and room systems. With MaxBrain, you benefit from seamless integration of Zoom for all your courses.

Microsoft Teams Logo | MaxBrain

Microsoft Teams is a platform developed by Microsoft that combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments. At MaxBrain, you can integrate Teams at any time.

Somedia Learning Logo

Somedia Learning is a company whose majority shareholder is the Somedia Media Group. Somedia Learning designs and implements customized web-based training (WBTs), explanatory videos, learning content, courses and other digital teaching aids for all industries and topics. The creation of individual training and coaching is also part of Somedia Learning's service offering.

Interested in a partnership?

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your partnership concept. Growing together is fun and we can't wait to grow faster with new partners and offer even more innovative solutions.