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Leading companies rely on MaxBrain

Do you know it?

Knowledge is distributed decentrally and therefore not available to all.

Learning initiatives are not relevant and do not contribute to business success.
Learning content is complex and expensive to produce.
Learning platforms are not integrated into the organization.

"The fact is, many organizations are not unleashing the growth potential of learning and knowledge."

Alex Blattmann

Alex Blattmann

Co-Founder & CEO, MaxBrain

The MaxBrain solution:
More than a learning platform

Leading companies choose MaxBrain because we offer much more than "just" a learning platform. Our overarching goal is to make your organization successful. And that's by combining technology, consulting, communication capabilities and resources to maximize the value of learning for your organization.
MaxBrain Solution Overview

MaxBrain in comparison with competitors

MaxBrain differs from the competition in two key dimensions: 


We offer a solution that is aligned with your business success and its value is measured against it. This means that we tailor our platform to meet your needs. Through a combination of technology and services, we work to help your business achieve its goals.


Thanks to our Recommendation Engine, organizations can personalize learning content and processes based on data. Depending on the department, strengths and weaknesses, or use of the platform, learners are shown the right courses, learning content, or content recommendations in a targeted manner.

MaxBrain Competitors Competition

...and this is what our Learning Experience looks like:

MaxBrain Learning Platform LXP Demo Example

The three most important reasons for MaxBrain

Teacher Teacher LMS Learning Management SystemTechnological leaps

Increase productivity via learning platform

For companies, HR departments and the management, MaxBrain offers a platform to train employees, the clientele and business partners on all relevant topics and to increase productivity.

Customer Engineering

Individualisation for your business success

MaxBrain is more than a platform: we see ourselves as a solution provider. And that means: We adapt our solution to the needs of your company and offer supporting services. We want to exceed your expectations.

More turnover thanks to MaxBrain platform

Learning platform as part of the corporate culture for more success

For companies like Zweifel and many of our referenceswho are among the best employers in Switzerland, the learning offer is part of a corporate culture for lifelong learning and employee retention. 

Example for MaxBrain: Kemaro Academy.

Increase your productivity: train your employees like never before!

MaxBrain provides an optimal learning experience. This means: self-explanatory user interfaces, an attractive design that can be adapted to your corporate identity, an extensive feature set that can be switched on and off, and much more.

Leading companies with thousands of training participants such as R. Nussbaum AG, WEKA Group, Kemaro today rely on MaxBrain to train employees and their clientele. 

Integrations made easy

MaxBrain is a web-based open system. On the one hand, you benefit from existing integrations to leading technology providers and content providers. On the other hand, our system is so open that new providers can usually be integrated at your request.
This modular approach has another advantage for your company: With MaxBrain, you automatically participate in innovative new technologies that we publish in the course of our customer projects or MaxBrain itself with new releases.
MaxBrain Integrations Plugins Widgets

Learning meets Sales Growth:
your learning platform as a sales channel!

A brand new idea for many companies: educate your expert customers and sell your products, services and solutions in the process. - At MaxBrain, quite a number of B2B industrial customers already rely on our learning platform as a marketing and sales channel. Targeted according to the interest of your business partners.

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Learning content: We offer all possibilities!

With MaxBrain you gain quick access to a wide range of fascinating courses, tutorials, seminars and learning nuggets. These are provided by leading educational centers and e-learning specialists who are MaxBrain's customers and partners.

However, with the connection of leading authoring tools, MaxBrain also supports your own production of learning content.

If you also need support to professionally create your own learning content, we are also happy to provide you with our services.

What companies particularly appreciate about MaxBrain

Intuitive user interface


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to start learning immediately without the need for training or manuals.

Flexible Learning Management System


Customise the platform to offer only what you really need - nothing superfluous, maximise learning.

Flexible Learning Management System

Mobile apps with your look and feel


Branded digital learning environment, as web and/or mobile apps. Increase your brand value with a learning app.

Apps in their look and feel

Cloud-based learning environment

With Native iOS and Android apps and a web-based platform, MaxBrain works optimally on all devices, even in offline mode.

Web-based learning platform in the cloud

Seamless integration


Connects via APIs to your internal systems (ERP, student information systems, CRM, webinar tools, etc.) to automate operational processes and save time.

Nearless integrations LMS

Customer Success Team


We actively work on your business success. Whenever you need us, we are there for you.

Customer Success Learning Platform

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