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The learning solution to boost
your education provider's business

The three most important advantages for educational centers

Teacher Teacher

Powerful Learning Management System (LMS)

For education providers, our learning platform is the "backbone", the central operating system that can digitise courses and provide an optimal learning experience.

More turnover thanks to MaxBrain platform

The learning platform as a sales channel

The MaxBrain learning platform offers your Education Providerexciting new revenue opportunities in addition to an LMS: Cross- and upselling your courses among existing customers and - even more exciting - promoting your offer to our industry customers.

Customer Engineering

Individualisation for your business success

MaxBrain is more than a platform: we see ourselves as a solution provider. And that means: We adapt our solution to the needs of your Education Providerif required and offer supporting services. We want to exceed your expectations.

Leading education providers trust MaxBrain

MaxBrain learning platform for academies and training centers

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for your education center

MaxBrain was originally developed by alumni of the University of St. Gallen for their own use.

In the meantime, other education providerssuch as WEKA, Digicomp, the ZfU, the Goethe Business School and a whole series of specialised technical schools such as the Swiss College of Surgeons have relied on MaxBrain: with success for many years!

What education providersparticularly appreciates about MaxBrain

Intuitive user interface


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to start learning immediately without the need for training or manuals.

Flexible Learning Management System


Customise the platform to offer only what you really need - nothing superfluous, maximise learning.

Flexible Learning Management System

Mobile apps with your look and feel


Branded digital learning environment, as web and/or mobile apps. Increase your brand value with a learning app.

Apps in their look and feel

Cloud-based learning environment


With native iOS and Android apps and a web-based platform, MaxBrain Classroom works optimally on all devices, even in offline mode.

Web-based learning platform in the cloud

Seamless integration


Connects via APIs to your internal systems (ERP, student information systems, CRM, webinar tools, etc.) to automate operational processes and save time.

Nearless integrations LMS

Customer Success Team


We actively work on your business success. Whenever you need us, we are there for you.

Customer Success Learning Platform

Integrations: An open learning management system with a lot of innovative power

MaxBrain Integrations Plugins Widgets

MaxBrain is a web-based open system. On the one hand, you benefit from existing integrations to leading technology providers and content providers. On the other hand, our system is so open that new providers can usually be integrated at your request.
This modular approach has another advantage for your company: With MaxBrain, you automatically participate in innovative new technologies that we publish in the course of our customer projects or MaxBrain itself with new releases.

Looking for a checklist for LMS providers?

"MaxBrain GROW" - The learning platform as a sales channel for your education provider

Over the years of working with education providers, it has become increasingly clear that a powerful learning platform like MaxBrain can make an enormous contribution to the development of turnover for technical schools or academies. 

Compared to other LMS providers, with MaxBrain you can benefit from at least two more areas of the MaxBrain offering:

1. upselling and cross-selling

You can expand your MaxBrain learning environment with course recommendations or alumni programmes to offer exciting new courses to existing or former clients. 

2. marketing among industrial customers

As Education Provider, you can benefit from a growing number of industrial companies that use MaxBrain as a learning platform for their own customers, employees or business partners. MaxBrain draws attention to your courses and training offers in a targeted manner.

Learning platform marketing upselling for education centers

The Goethe Business School in Frankfurt, for example, uses MaxBrain:

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