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Case Study: CampuZ

Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG: Strong for the future thanks to the Corporate Academy: The Corporate Academy of Switzerland's best employer
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Case Study: The Corporate Academy of Switzerland's best employer

The best employer in Switzerland? You don't just become one!

As a typical Swiss company, Zweifel has the highest standards when it comes to quality: it's not just the chips that should guarantee a crispy WOW effect. Zweifel meets the challenges of the modern labor market with the same aspiration.

In addition to quality, enthusiasm, trust, pioneering spirit, respect and sustainability characterize the "Zweifel spirit" of the employees.

In this free case study, you can find out more about why and how Zweifel Pomy Chips AG implemented CampuZ in order to establish its position as the best employer in Switzerland in the long term.

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