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Mobile Learning - Top 3 examples of use in companies

Mobile Learning - Top 3 examples of use in companies

In modern work societies full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (referred to in English as the VUCA world), companies need to be flexible and agile to succeed in the market. Retraining and upskilling employees will be far more important in the future than it is today. Understanding complex issues, finding the right sources of information, and training to acquire new skills and implement them quickly are critical to success in modern companies.

Digital transformation is gaining momentum and companies are evaluating powerful tools to achieve greater efficiency and impact. The following three use cases have proven to be above average with MaxBrain's industry-leading mobile learning technology.

Induction of new employees

The first days and weeks determine the motivation of employees to quickly settle into the new corporate culture and develop their maximum potential in their jobs. A combination of face-to-face and digital training as well as intelligent onboarding concepts are the key to success. Simple but powerful blended learning technology accompanies the onboarding process and ensures that new employees make the most of unscheduled working time.

Compliance and safety training

Most organizations have policies when it comes to compliance, workplace safety, or intellectual property protection. While content is often available, time-efficient distribution and control of learning progress is blocked by dusty intranets or unstructured e-learning platforms.
MaxBrain organizes, updates, and distributes content, provides feedback, and routes data to other tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cornerstone, or SAP Success Factors for reporting purposes.


Training and eLearning applications are well suited to meet individual needs, but lack simple, highly modular technology that brings together diverse content from a growing variety of tools. While eLearnings are becoming more sophisticated and modern, the quality of internal distribution and rapid reporting remains a challenge. Upgrading IT architecture has been time-consuming and resource-intensive. Modern SaaS platforms turn the former make-or-buy decision into a clear outsourcing case.

Discover how MaxBrain accelerates digital transformation and enables organizations to complete learning and development projects quickly and effectively.

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