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Bodenschweiz does pioneering work in vocational education and training

Bodenschweiz does pioneering work in vocational education and training

BodenSchweiz digitalizes courses and teaching materials as a pioneer in skilled trades

The Association of Swiss Floor and Parquet Layers, with Managing Director Daniel Heusser and Head of Continuing Education Andrea Metzger, is one of the most innovative associations in Switzerland, with six vocational schools, around 500 apprentices and around 65 participants in continuing education every year. In addition to its efforts to further develop its own professional image away from floor and parquet layers to interior designers, the association is consistently working on its modernization. The entire administration was already digitalized several years ago with the company itcnet AG. This March, the digitization of the further education offers followed and from August, the teaching materials of the basic education will be offered digitally with the latest technology from MaxBrain.

The use of tablets and smartphones is now a matter of course

"With MaxBrain's intuitive learning technology with a strong mobile app component, BodenSchweiz found it easy to decide to do away with paper completely," says Daniel Heusser. "Nowadays, technology is indispensable in skilled trades. And because our training participants all have no problem using their smartphones, using tablets and computers also works absolutely smoothly in the classroom." The decisive factor was the choice of a solution designed for further training that offers the essential functions above average and quickly. Participants work best with familiar devices - which makes it all the more important that the functions work similarly on all devices in order to focus on the content in class.

Digital distribution of teaching materials opens up new opportunities

Printing teaching materials in small runs at set prices is a challenge. In addition, participants sometimes accidentally leave the documents on the train or bus. At the same time, mobile app technology has the clear advantage that all documents are also available offline after a single synchronization. This means that participants always have their documents with them and can also make ideal use of short breaks at work or commuting times to study or prepare for upcoming exams.

Digital transformation dynamizes the publishing industry

Publishers are dealing with the digitization of teaching materials in different ways. Some have prepared ahead and offer their products in digital form as well. Others do not yet offer digital solutions or have only just begun digital production. The good news is that, thanks to technological advances, costs will continue to fall and the range of platforms will increase. Accordingly, a significant increase in momentum can be expected here.

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