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Learning with Microsoft

MaxBrain enables lifelong learning for companies with the help of Microsoft

As part of the "Microsoft for Startups" programme, the Swiss startup MaxBrain receives support from Microsoft Switzerland. The company will get access to technology and know-how to position itself as a provider of digital training platforms and enable other companies to offer lifelong learning. 

The digital transformation of the economy is changing the demands on employees at breakneck speed. Therefore, companies must ensure that the further development of their employees is guaranteed. This is where the start-up MaxBrain comes in - and digitalises the training concepts of companies and educational institutions to increase their resilience.

MaxBrain is an EdTech spin-off of the University of St. Gallen and specialises in fully customisable learning platforms for professionals. Clients such as EMBA HSG, Similasan, Digicomp and WEKA use the MaxBrain platform for face-to-face, blended and online courses.

At the heart of MaxBrain's digital training platforms is picking up employees where their attention is at the moment - for example, on Microsoft Teams. The start-up has access to a network of Microsoft experts and partners who provide support. The cooperation with Microsoft is uncomplicated - it inspires us and makes it easier for other companies and their employees to implement further education and corporate training in the familiar Microsoft environment," says MaxBrain CEO Alex Blattmann.

Economic success depends on skilled workers

Microsoft Switzerland supports MaxBrain through the "Microsoft for Startups" programme with expertise and with cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure. "At Microsoft, we consider lifelong learning to be the most important single competence for people to be prepared for the working world of tomorrow. Economic success depends on it. Accordingly, we are delighted to be working with MaxBrain, which empowers other companies to do just that," says Andrew Reid, head of the Swiss "Microsoft for Startups" programme.

The programme accompanies start-ups in their growth and facilitates the scalability of their offerings. MaxBrain's clientele has doubled in just one year. MaxBrain is currently working on constantly developing the user experience: "In the future, users should receive customised training suggestions in the style of Netflix," says Alex Blattmann. In this regard, the start-up will also work closely with Microsoft, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

The learning platform to boost your business

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