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Conduct courses virtually: MaxBrain Instant Help Package

Conduct courses virtually: MaxBrain Instant Help Package

COVID-19 continues to affect public life as well as the regular delivery of numerous educational programs. With in-person mobility and meetings with larger groups expected to be severely limited in the coming months, it is critical for institutions to respond quickly to avoid a complete educational shutdown. Modern technology is capable of replacing many elements of face-to-face instruction.

MaxBrain supports unbureaucratically with a Corona Emergency Aid Package (from 1'000 CHF / month and a one-time set-up fee of 3'000 CHF). The package includes the monthly use of an own digital MaxBrain Classroom with all currently available features (incl. Zoom licenses, collaboration features, eLearning). In addition, we offer all customers operational support during implementation and training. The emergency offer can be renewed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.

For educational institutions, it is crucial to continue educational programs without interruption. Learning progress must continue without interruption where possible. In addition, the potential economic losses threaten the very existence of many institutions. Especially since people will be homebound in the coming weeks, it would be irresponsible to stop educational programs simply because personal mobility is limited. In times of great uncertainty, it is especially important to continue learning, to exchange ideas with colleagues and to acquire new skills.

Already last spring, we were able to support various educational institutions quickly and unbureaucratically in offering their educational programs without interruption. Our platform is ready for use in your design within 24 hours. In addition to technical assistance, we support - where possible - with conception and important content-related questions. If your institution or company is interested, we will be happy to support you in the coming weeks.

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