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Classtime: Holistic leadership training from Manres thanks to 360-degree feedback with Classtime

Classtime: Holistic leadership training from Manres thanks to 360-degree feedback with Classtime

About Classtime

Classtime is a Zurich-based Swiss Edtech Collider startup with offices in Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States. Classtime is popular in the international K-12 education landscape with its interactive and user-friendly questioning interface and provides a great tool for creating engaging quizzes, self-assessments, and peer assessments.

Classtime is not only an ideal solution for educational institutions, but also meets the needs of corporate customers such as Moneypark or Careum. The integration of Classtime enables MaxBrain course administrators to create their quizzes and questionnaires on Classtime and make them available to course participants on their MaxBrain learning platforms.


MaxBrain and Classtime - Manres Leadership Academy

Classtime is the ideal partner in supporting Manres with their learning platform. MaxBrain customer Manres advises organizations such as Hirslanden, Eppendorf and Diamler on the topics of leadership, organizational culture and high-performance teams. The Manres Leadership Academy is a digital learning platform that offers its clients leadership seminars and training programs in an online or blended learning setting. As a key part of the Manres ethos, participants are required to provide 360-degree feedback during their training. This means they complete a self-assessment at the beginning of the leadership course, as well as peer evaluations. At the end of the course, they complete another set of self- and peer-assessments for reflection and personal development.

MaxBrain strives to create the best possible learning experience for your students through seamless integration with innovative partners.

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