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WEKA learning platform: Case Study

WEKA: The digital learning platform as an operating system for scaling the further education offering, automating administrative processes and increasing sales through course recommendations. 

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Case study: The learning platform of the market leader for continuing education

As a course provider or training center for professional development, market leaders such as WEKAa subsidiary of the Aspire Groupface major challenges: The scaling of seminars and congresses, the automation of the time-consuming administration of course catalogs and learners, as well as the ever-relevant question of how to increase one's own sales via course recommendations.

As the market leader for further training courses, WEKA has high expectations of the learning platform: it must be intuitive for tens of thousands of people, always remain innovative and modern, provide an analytical basis for decision-making and be able to automate everything that can be automated.

In addition to the technical quality of the learning platform, WEKA also relies on high, personal and regular services to ensure an optimal learning experience for the approximately 18,000 course participants each year.
In this free case study, you can find out more about how WEKA implements its learning platform and has secured a strong long-term competitive position as a result.
WEKA Learning Platform: Case Study

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