Learning Management System (LMS) 4.0

Using state-of-the-art technology, MaxBrain offers a completely paperless, digital education to universities.


Digital, Paperless Education and Training

Competitive advantage for educational institutions through modern and needs-oriented digital education and training.


Digital One-Stop Shop for Corporate Trainings

The comprehensive “One-Stop-Shop” for companies in digital vocational education and training.



Learning management systems (LMS) are an important element of the digitization strategy of universities. However, traditional LMSs quickly reach their limits when it comes to key issues such as ease-of-use, mobile learning, or multi-device capability.


Educational Institutions

As a result of rising competition, providers of training and continuing education are being exposed to increasing differentiation pressure. Software for modern digital education and training must be geared towards satisfying the needs of its users.


Digitisation opens up new opportunities for company training. As a comprehensive one-stop shop for paperless, professional training, MaxBrain supports companies wanting to take advantage of these opportunities.

The private cloud for education and training

LMS 4.0

As a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), MaxBrain allows for completely paperless, digital education.


All relevant study documents – books, folders, presentations, videos, photos and handbooks – are stored in individual private clouds for each student and participant.

Multi-device access

Both online and offline access using various devices (notebooks, tablets and smartphones) and operating systems (Windows, iOS and Android) with the respective native app (iOS and Android).

One-stop shop

One digital system for all course administration (documents, participants, lecturers, grades, etc.) using an intuitive user interface.

Mobile learning

Access online and offline, anytime, anywhere.

Social learning

Collaboration, communication and chat functionality.

Cost savings

Substantial savings through the elimination of printing costs.


An intuitive, easy-to-learn system for everybody.

Corporate Training – Ten benefits of MaxBrain

The next-generation learning management system (LMS) MaxBrain provides companies with efficient training administration, mobile learning, social learning, cost efficiency and guaranteed high usability for employees and training providers

All your study material on one mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

As a leading Executive MBA program it is important for us to offer our students modern, digital learning support. The user-friendly MaxBrain app inspires our students and allows them to directly and independently manage all study documents in a private cloud. At the same time, MaxBrain provides us with a user-friendly and cost-efficient program management tool that meets our needs in regards to, for example, a sophisticated course and document management, integrated participant and lecturer management and grade administration.”

Cristina Steiner

Programme Coordinator, Executive MBA HSG



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