About us

Our team of 10 technology experts from 4 countries is based in our offices in Zürich and Zagreb. Every day, we pursue our vision to make digitization hassle-free, highly effective and fun.



Our Story

It all started back in 2014 when our founders Christian, Basil and Stefan introduced the first iPads for Executive Education programs at University of St. Gallen. After two years of experimenting with various technologies, MaxBrain was founded to digitize further education. In the following months, additional brave customers started purchasing iPads and using MaxBrain learning technology. Meanwhile Christian developed new features from dusk till dawn to bring added value to our early customers. 

In summer 2017 Alex joined as CEO. Six months later, Frank joined as CIO, Annekristin embarked as Customer Success Manager to form the early dream team. In 2018 Teddy completed the team as Investor Director and Board Member. Since 2019 MaxBrain operates its technological flagship Classroom which today is used by multiple corporate and educational clients in Europe. In the near future, MaxBrain will digitally augment classrooms internationally. The existential pillars of this success story are MaxBrain's amazing customers: Visionary, patient and always up for a challenge.

Our core values

We are open and trustworthy

We are passionate about what we do

We put our customers first

We strive for impact

We drive disruption and innovation

We always aim for the next big leap

Meet the Maxies

Our team is a crazy bunch of visionary people with a passion for learning technology.

Simon O'Grady

Sales Manager DACH

Basil Hangarter


Stefan Fraude


Teddy Amberg

Board Member

Alana Siepen