Product features

Private cloud

When working with a traditional learning management system, course participants have to log onto a platform, download material, save it on their local device, install editing software and, in order to share it, upload documents to the platform. This is a laborious and time-consuming process.

MaxBrain has decided to go a completely different way. Every course participant has their own private cloud containing all their course material. Course participants can view, edit and save their documents directly in this private cloud. All documents may be accessed from different devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop) and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows). This is extremely simple and user-friendly.

Document management system

MaxBrain contains an advanced document management system (DMS):

  • Management of all course and educational materials
  • Versioning system for all documents
  • Definition of user rights for documents, e.g. by course or role (student, lecturer, trainer, programme manager)
  • Definition of workflows, e.g. in the context of compliance trainings

Document editing

With MaxBrain, course participants can edit their documents without additional software. Editing is done with the MaxBrain app (iOS and Android) or directly in the web browser:

  • Adding handwritten comments: Participants can write directly on their tablet or notebook screen as if it were real paper
  • Adding text fields with the keyboard
  • Marking text with a highlighter tool
  • Using various drawing tools (lines, rectangles etc.)
  • Integrating photos (e.g. of workshop pinboards)
  • Integrating audio recordings, e.g. from a lecture
  • Digital signatures

Digital full-text search, adding bookmarks and pages

  • Digital full-text search in all documents
  • Adding and labelling digital bookmarks
  • Exporting documents to other applications or by email
  • Adding new pages to documents
  • Moving, deleting or rotating pages in documents

Social learning

  • Adding study groups with corresponding document rights
  • Chat and comment functions
  • Exchanging documents in groups
  • Uploading exams or group work with a digital time stamp

Course administration

  • Comprehensive system for course and programme management
  • Definition of entire programmes, courses, modules and folders
  • Management of lectures, professors and rooms
  • Assignment of students, professors and documents
  • Administration of grades including weighting of partial examinations
  • Management of course participants’ attendance data

Administration of participants and professors/trainers

  • Administration of all key data for trainers or professors such as contact information, expertise, CVs and payment information
  • Management of all participant information such as contact details, professional background, statistical information (age, gender, year of birth), courses taken, diploma information and grades

Reporting functions and template management

  • Generating customized reports regarding participants (professional experience, age, grade average, etc.) and finances (open positions, revenue per participant)
  • Exporting of all data in different formats such as pdf, Excel and Word.
  • Generating automatic reports, contracts and other documents based on standardized templates (e.g. university calendar, grades, information on professors, participants).


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