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Digitisation – A new challenge for training providers and educational institutions

Diverse market for education institutions and training providers

The market for educational institutions, training providers and schools is broad and diverse. Not only does it include private and public institutions of vocational education and training (vocational schools, commercial schools, technical schools, etc.), it also includes private training providers, employer or trade associations, trade unions, chambers of commerce and industry, educational institutions, ecclesiastical organisations, public and private schools, grammar schools, cantonal schools, secondary schools and colleges. All of these providers share the common challenge of pressure to differentiate due to increasing competition. Digitisation offers many opportunities and solutions for education providers in this regard.

Actions required

Studies have shown that the use of tablets in the classroom can have a major positive effect on the knowledge and abilities of students.[3]

Similarly, only 32% of instructors and trainers regularly use learning programs in company training and only 12% frequently use learning platforms or learning management systems[4]

Need for modern software solutions

The challenges associated with the implementation of digitisation strategies are often less about the technical infrastructure and more about finding the adequate software solution.

Software for modern digital education and training must be geared towards the needs of the participants and students. As a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) 4.0, MaxBrain is consistently pursuing this path, offering numerous advantages to students, educational institutions, lecturers and teachers.



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