Companies using MaxBrain in corporate trainings benefit from a variety of advantages:

  1. Mobile learning: MaxBrain gives employees and trainers on- and offline access, anytime, anywhere. Training participants can always carry their training materials with them and study with complete mobility.
  2. Multi-device: Would you like to use your tablet for classroom training, work in the office with your notebook and edit training materials on the way home with your smartphone? You can do all this with MaxBrain. As a modern LMS, MaxBrain is optimized for different devices.
  3. Multi-platform: MaxBrain consists of native apps for iOS and Android with an extremely user-friendly web interface, making it usable with any platform.
  4. BYOD: Thanks to MaxBrain’s multi-device and multi-platform architecture, companies can implement their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy in corporate training.
  5. No costly third-party software for PDF editing required:: Using MaxBrain, training participants are not only able to work with their training material but also edit it directly without having to install any costly third-party software. Adding handwritten comments, highlighting text or integrating photos and auto-files is extremely easy.
  6. Social learning: With MaxBrain, corporate training participants can exchange files, use the chat function and work together in groups.
  7. Global distribution of training materials: MaxBrain facilitates the global distribution of training materials. Just by pressing a button, participants receive their training materials directly on their devices (tablet, smartphone or notebook). No more need to distribute physical training materials or laboriously download files from the company’s intranet.
  8. Cost-reduction: Complete digitization eliminates the printing and distribution costs of training materials.
  9. User-friendliness: Corporate training participants do not like having to learn new, complex software just to take part in a training session. MaxBrain users learn it rapidly and intuitively.
  10. Efficient processes: Companies can manage all their training processes efficiently with MaxBrain’s administration interface. Course administration, participant management, trainer administration and complex document handling are all easily accomplished with MaxBrain.