Digitisation - new opportunities for employees, companies and trainers


  • Paperless company training programs
  • Digital corporate trainings
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration and communication
  • High usability


  • No printing costs
  • One-stop shop
  • Administration of all training materials
  • Corporate identity
  • Individual reporting functionality

Trainers and instructors

Digitisation generates new opportunities for corporate training

Continuing vocational training as a success factor

Continuing vocational training is a decisive factor for the economic success of companies. For knowledge-intensive industries in particular, continuous training provides the basis for sustainable competitive advantage.

Corporate training 4.0

Digitisation opens up new opportunities for company training. It transforms learning and addresses some current limitations. The content of learning is moving to the cloud, making it accessible on multiple devices and learning environments and often being generated, shared, and updated by the learning participants themselves.

The challenge of selecting a suitable learning management system

Digitisation in continuing vocational training covers various topics such as digital learning, e-learning, online learning, mobile learning  and blended learning. Central to this process is the selection of a suitable  learning management system (LMS), which defines the interface between companies and trainers. As a state-of-the-art learning management system, MaxBrain generates fundamental benefits for employees, companies and corporate trainers. MaxBrain facilitates paperless training, global and real-time distribution of training materials with the press of a button and high usability. It offers functionalities such as mobile learning, social learning and both multi-device and multi-platform capability.


The private cloud for education and training



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